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Tokio Marine Specialty has partnered with exclusive program managers to offer products not available through our standard distribution channels. Below is a listing of available programs including a brief description, contact information and link to the appointed program manager.

Storage Tank Environmental Policy (STEP)

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The Storage Tank Environmental Policy (STEP) program protects insureds from claims for bodily injury and property damage, and remediation expenses associated with the confirmed release of contaminants into the environment from aboveground or underground storage tanks. The policy is designed to satisfy financial assurance/responsibility requirements instituted by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) or individual State programs. Coverage limits of $1M/2M (exclusive of defense expense) are available through the online portal. The online portal can be accessed through United Commercial Program Managers (UCPM) at or contact the Product Manager, Michael Henk at 212.297.6004.

Watercolor Management (WCM)

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WCM’s clients provide water treatment services such as ph balancing, bacteria control and softening services through a variety of filtration, chemical application and electronic methods. Insured's operations are focused on industrial and commercial cooling and heating facilities, on-site waste water disposal (septic), irrigation and other private water treatment operations. The program also includes manufacturers of water treatment equipment and chemical manufacturers (related to water treatment), blenders, distributors, suppliers and consultants.

Coverage available includes General Liability including Products and Completed Operations and Pollution, E&O, HNO, EPLI and Employee Benefits Liability. Environmental capacity available up to $25M and Excess Casualty capacity available up to $10M. Automobile coverage quoted with prior approval from Philadelphia Insurance Companies.

WCM can be contacted directly via their website
or call senior underwriter Karen Seals at 256-260-0412.

PetroSure Oil & Gas Service Contractors

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PetroSure provides a comprehensive barrier of protection against the ever-changing risks of the oil and gas industry. It is comprised of industry specialists who deliver customized solutions to meet the diverse needs of oilfield service contractors, product suppliers, lease operators, oilfield trucking, drilling and well servicing contractors, and others.

PetroSure, exclusive of TMSIC, provides a broad suite of casualty products and coverages with other insurance carriers. TMSIC supports PetroSure by providing environmental liability coverage for their program clients with capacity up to $10M.

By combining industry expertise and sophisticated market analysis, PetroSure delivers one of the industry’s most strategic and robust insurance programs.

Additional information on PetroSure is available here or by contacting Bethany Kaiser at (559) 476-6186 or by email at

Environmental Contractors & Consultants Package Program

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The program provides a combined Commercial General Liability (CGL), Contractors Pollution Liability (CPL), and Professional Liability (PL) package policy targeting a broad spectrum of environmental contracting classes generating up to $5M in annual revenue.

The primary program can include a variety of coverage enhancements customary to those product lines, including, but not limited to: Employee Benefits Liability, Stop Gap, Hired & Non‐owned Auto, Non‐Owned Disposal Sites, Transportation Pollution Liability, Premises Environmental Coverage on a Time‐Element basis, and Image Restoration.

Primary limits are available up to $1M/2M. Optional Follow‐Form Excess Liability Coverage is available and can extend over Business Auto and Employers Liability coverages in addition to the primary package at limits up to $10M.

Landmark Underwriters can be reached via their website, or directly by contacting David Mak at (415) 608-7947
or Submissions can be sent to